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Stimulatory product

We offer for sale our invention for a natural stimulatory product TO OBTAIN A DOUBLE YIELD (100% over the normal yield) of – wheat (spelt), barley, sunflower, rice, maize, millet, rye, coriander, flax, hemp and all cereals. The stimulatory product does not contain genetically modified organisms.

The stimulatory product is used as follows: After compulsory disinfection of seeds against diseases and pests before sowing, seeds are treated with the stimulatory product by dry method prior to sowing.  The sowing is carried out by seeder. As a result of the seeds treated plants grow with larger and better cultivated root system, which helps to the better access to moisture and nutrients and the formation of ears with greater length and a larger number of grains in ear. The number of the brothers of one plant is larger; this provides an opportunity for obtaining crops with optimal density of stems. It is particularly important for the crops growing in an unite area – wheat, barley, rice, etc.

The stimulatory product (technology of production) will be provided to one buyer.

At interest by big farmers or holding group we are ready to work together to promote the stimulatory product and its marketing all over the world.

Please click above on the wheat if you want to track the stimulatory product from the sowing to harvest.


23.07.2012 год.